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Types of Roofing we install in Fuquay-Varina & Raleigh, NC

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New Roof Installations in Fuquay-Varina & Raleigh, NC

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For over four decades, our Raleigh roofing contractors have been providing superior repair and installation services. Since 1973, they have serviced thousands of customers with their expertise in roofing design, installation, and corrections. We pride ourselves on our high-quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

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We can quickly assess and repair any issues caused by storms, high winds, hail, heavy rain, or snow. To ensure the longevity of your roof and get the most out of its full 15-30 years expectancy, regular maintenance, and repairs are necessary. AMI Builders and Redemption Roofing is here to handle all roof repairs and maintenance so you can protect your home or business. We also get the job done in half the time that has been estimated, saving you money and giving you peace of mind. Our workers are highly qualified and knowledgeable, ensuring safe practices and that everything is done properly to make sure our clients are satisfied with the outcome. We will not stop working until the job is finished to your complete satisfaction.
Enlisting our services guarantees you a detailed exterior inspection of your home. We are committed to ensuring the security and safety of your house by providing restorative services.

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AMI Builders and Redemption Roofing is the expert for all your roofing needs, no matter the season or reason. From asphalt shingles to metal roofs, Redemption Roofing can provide quality roofing services that will protect your home from the elements and add value to your home. We specialize in installing new roofs, making repairs to existing roofs, and replacing damaged roofs. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience to handle any roofing project you have in mind. So whether you need a new roof installed or some minor repairs to an existing one, turn to AMI Builders and Redemption Roofing for professional, quality service. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities in every job we complete.
To make sure your roof is secure, hire a professional who can determine if repairs are necessary. They will use specialized tools to look for any damage or leakage and can then make any needed repairs before the problem worsens. By having your roof inspected regularly, you can ensure its longevity and keep any minor issues from turning into major repairs.

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Do I Need a New Roof? | Signs Your Roof is Nearing the End of Its Life

When its time to seek out a contractor for a replacement roof, there are signs to look for that will indicate the need for a new one. Firstly, any broken, cracked, or buckled tiles or shingles should be inspected and fixed or replaced. Additionally, inspect the gutters for any clogging, standing water, or corrosion that could be a sign of long-term flooding. Furthermore, keep an eye out for an excessive number of leaves or pine needles in the gutters, which could indicate extensive damage to the roof.
Finally, if the roof is starting to show signs of wear, such as dark streaking, hairline cracks from foot traffic, or other signs of wear and tear, it might be time to consider getting a replacement roof. Taking care of your roof can ultimately save you a considerable amount of money and headaches in the long run. It is important to inspect it regularly for any broken tiles, water damage, or other signs that could indicate a need to get a new roof.

**Some Key Signs Your Roof Needs Repair or Replacement | Look for These Signs Inside and Out**

Missing or damaged shingles. Shingles are the most common type of roofing material, and they can be damaged by wind, hail, or other weather events. If you see any missing or damaged shingles, its a good idea to have your roof inspected by a professional.
Loose or cracked flashing. Flashing is the metal or plastic that is used to seal the edges of your roof. If it is loose or cracked, it can allow water to leak into your home.
Sagging or bulging roof. A sagging or bulging roof is a sign that the structure of your roof is compromised. This can be caused by a number of factors, including age, weather damage, or poor installation. If you see any sagging or bulging, its important to have your roof inspected by a professional as soon as possible.
Water stains on ceilings or walls. Water stains are a sure sign that there is a leak in your roof. If you see any water stains, its important to have the leak repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your home.
Moist or moldy insulation. If your insulation is moist or moldy, its a sign that there is a leak in your roof. Moisture and mold can damage your insulation and can also lead to health problems. If you see any moisture or mold, its important to have the leak repaired and the insulation replaced.
Animal droppings or nests. If you see animal droppings or nests in your attic, its a sign that there is a problem with your roof. Animals can damage your roofing materials and can also carry diseases. If you see any animal droopings or nests, it important to have your attic inspected by a professional.

Trusted Roofers in Raleigh & Fuquay Varina

Looking for trusted roofers in Raleigh, NC? Look no further! Weve compiled a list of the best roofers in the area based on customer reviews, experience, and qualifications. Whether you need a new roof installed, a leak repaired, or just need a roof inspection, we can help you find the right roofer for your needs. Contact us today to get started!
No matter your roof needs, call our experienced team today! We understand that homes have diverse requirements, so we customize our services to ensure they fit your home and budget. From simple repairs to complete renovations, we can help you with any roof project. We can also offer you personalized advice and timelines to ensure your roof is perfect. Let us take the stress out of roofing services and contact us for help today!
Are you noticing any signs of water or wind damage on the outside or inside of your home? If so, it may be time for a roof replacement. AMI Builders and Redemption Roofing can come in and inspect your roof and provide you with the best roofing materials and solutions. We offer a variety of roofing materials, including composite shingles, slate, clay tile, wooden shingles and shakes, cedar lite shake tiles, TPO, and more. Plus, all of our installations and replacements are backed by a 12-month warranty, including a free maintenance callback. Contact us today for your roofing needs!

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At AMI Builders, we are committed to providing the best possible service to exceed your expectations. Whether you are seeking a new roof replacement or repair, we strive to ensure that you are happy with the result. We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount, and we guarantee that you will be impressed with the level of quality and care we take in carrying out each task. Our goal is to ensure that you get the best possible experience when you use our Transform your home and increase the value of your property with our affordable residential shingle roof replacements starting at only $99/mo. Get a no-obligation estimate today! Call our trusted experts and receive a 50-year warranty on our GAF shingle roofing.

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