Pros and Cons of a Roof Sealing Treatment

There are always likely to be tips and secrets to help you EXTEND the life span OF YOUR ROOF. However, it is vital to be certain you are making a wise investment. You don’t want to end up spending more on preventative measures than it would cost you for a NEW ROOF. We’re here to help you make an educated decision when it comes to caring for your roofing.

First, there’s been a lot of excitement and buzz about new roof sealers and roofing therapy products which should extend the life of your roof. These roof sealers are intended to re-invigorate your roofing by hydrating preventing and its brittleness; hence extending the life span of your shingles. So is it worth it?

Five major factors are utilized to measure the success of roofing sealants.

Pliability – During the pliability evaluation, treated and untreated shingles at the same age were bent 90 degrees. This test is used to replicate wind damage, and it was used to measure the efficacy of roof sealers. During this test, both shingles passed. Then they flipped the shingles upside down and repeated the test, but because shingles would not be installed upside down this second area of the test lacks some merit for real-life situations.

Fire resistance – The two shingles performed the same. This evaluation showed that roofing coating didn’t increase the flammability of the shingles.

Hail damage – A diminished impact melancholy was mentioned on the treated shingles, but just slightly less than untreated shingles. The treated and untreated shingles were still damaged to the extent that insurance could cover a complete roof replacement, therefore handling the shingles in this situation just makes it easier for insurance to try out an deny the claim.

Protective coat – These test results were inconclusive.

Shingle Permeability – The permeability of a shingle affects how much moisture gets through. The treated shingles were discovered to be less than the untreated shingles but significantly more permeate than brand new shingles. For instance, a brand new shingle will have a permeability rate of 0.90, and after treating an older shingle, the permeability speed is 3.60. That is four times more permeate than the usual brand-new shingle. The bigger question that should be asked is, How exactly can a roof coated shingle respond to freeze and thaw damages?

Why is it that most roofs leak?

The study mentioned above never touched on the very best reasons why gas leak. Here are the variAMI s you should be paying attention to.

Failing Flashing – Many leaks have nothing to do with aging shingles, in actuality, most leaks are due to flashing that was installed incorrectly or flashing that’s obsolete and failing.

Punctures – Punctures caused, either by hail, wind, or fasteners backing out and pushing through the shingle, punctures have to be correctly repaired, and as soon as they start it is normally an indication that there are more to come. This generally means replacement is a much better, less expensive solution.

Staining – Elderly roofs typically eliminate curb appeal due to curling shingles, granule loss, rust, algae, and discoloration, but including a rood, sealant will not do anything to fix these problems. In reality, a roof remedy will just coat the stain and lock it in. You may only put off roof replacement for so long until it’s time to commit. Financially it makes more sense to forego the roof sealant and put money into a roof replacement. If your roof is neglecting or showing signs of age, then it’s time to quit putting off the inevitable. Purchasing a temporary fix will only end up costing you more in the long run and with AMI ROOF, you will get a free test and easy funding options which will make roof replacement cheap regardless of what your budget is.


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6) Roof Care
7) Ventilation installation and fix


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