Summer Raleigh home maintenance tasks to do now

Summer Raleigh home maintenance tasks to do now

How to find home maintenance professionals who are qualified

Some of these chores can be done by the homeowner, but others require professional assistance. Establishing a working relationship with local professionals will result in better and more reliable service over the long term.

The key takeaways

■ Did you forget to do any spring cleaning? This summer, you’ll have a second chance to clean up.
■ Please do not put off minor repairs; they could become costly repairs in bad weather.
■ Many home maintenance projects for summer are easy and inexpensive.

Repair faulty windows and doors

It’s a great time of year to repair any issues with doors or windows, including broken locks, weatherstripping, defective hinges, and hinges that are not working correctly. For repairs or upgrades to doorknobs and locks, contact a professional locksmith. You can spring clean if you let it slip by this year. These are the most important tasks you need to take care of:

Fix the roof

Roof Replacements Are Significant Investments, Choosing A Quality Contractor Is Essential!. Your roof protects you, We come prepared and ready to fix your Roof on the same day and time you scheduled your appointment. No Games, No Excuses! NORMAL ROOF REPAIR your family and your belongings from the elements outside.

Power wash walkways and siding

Pressure washes your siding, window shutters, and driveway. Pressure washing your house siding should begin at the top and work your way to the bottom. Use a mixture of water with oxygen bleach to remove mildew (follow the label instructions). You can rent a pressure washer from $60-80 per month. You can also hire service for washing your house.

Repair cracked siding

You should inspect your home’s exterior siding and fix any damage to prevent moisture from entering the walls during winter storms. For more extensive repairs, refer to the DIY guide for siding repairs. You can also hire a Raleigh contractor to do it.

Repair rotted woodwork

To prevent rain, snow, and ice from getting into walls, replace or repair any rotted woodwork surrounding windows and doors. Paint any damaged areas.

Re-paint the house

Summer in Raleigh is the best time to paint your front door and house. Most houses require paint every five years. Prices in Raleigh vary depending on the size and type of color used and any special requirements or repairs. Get at least three estimates from painting contractors. Pro Tip: Do not paint your exterior during the hottest summer days. The paint will dry too fast, which can compromise its durability.

Pool and patio clean

Pool owners should ensure that the water quality in Raleigh is maintained. Summer heat can evaporate chemicals and create a favorable environment for algae growth. Keep the surfaces clean and remove all debris. Make sure to clean the pool filter before the summer begins.

Smoke detectors, & Carbon monoxide detectors should be tested

According to Fire Protection Association, smoke alarms did not work in 16% of home fire deaths. To ensure that smoke alarms and carbon dioxide detectors work properly, make sure the batteries are in good condition. Two times per year, change the batteries (usually when you turn your clocks back and forward). Replace your devices immediately if they are nearing their expiration date. To help you with this, you can hire a handyperson.

Replace or reinforce any deck posts or fencing. Use a commercial deck cleaner to clean fences and wooden decks. Rent a pressure washer at a home improvement store to clean large patios and long walls. You can also hire a fence company to clean it for you.

Get rid of garden and home pests

Schedule an inspection with a Raleigh pest control company to prevent damage from termites and cockroaches. An inspection by a professional usually costs around $100 and does not include pest treatment. You can keep mosquitoes under control by eliminating breeding areas, which is any standing water in your yard. Recycle any pots and receptacles that may have collected water.

Repair cracked driveways and paths

Cracks and fissures on concrete driveways and walkways can cause a trip hazard and could be worsened by rain or freezing temperatures next winter. While DIY repairs are possible, it is best to contact a concrete professional for repair.

Mulch and weed gardens

Water, pull weeds and care for vegetable gardens and flower beds. To reduce moisture loss and suppress weeds, spread 2-3 inches of bark mulch on trees and shrubs. Mulch should not be piled against trees or shrubs as it can trap moisture and potentially cause fungal diseases.

Trees and hedges can be trimmed or removed

Pruning trees and hedges in the early summer is a great time to do so, as well as removing dead or damaged ones. Do not prune late-blooming trees before the end of summer.

Lighting up walkways

This North Carolina hot Raleigh summers, you’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors, especially in the evenings. Ensure that walkways and paths are lit up with outdoor lighting and that the gas grill is always ready to go. For any home repairs, inspect the exterior of your house. Check for siding damage and other issues that require attention. Check that the siding and roof are in good condition and ready to go for winter.

Service your AC

AC should not be serviced until the summer. However, you still have time to keep your central air conditioner in working order (though a professional will charge more in high seasons). To maximize airflow, clean the air filters and remove leaves and other debris from the A/C unit. Before heating season begins, have an HVAC contractor inspect the heating system. HVAC maintenance is essential throughout the year. How to hire a Raleigh heating and cooling contractor. To avoid water damage and musty odors, ensure that condensation is being drained from window AC units.

Clean gutters, downspouts

Clear leaf guard gutters and downspouts of leaves and other debris so that they don’t back up when it rains. Water can pool on the ground from clogged drains that leak onto the siding. Water can cause severe damage if it seeps into your basement or crawlspace.

Take a look at the chimney

A chimney of a wood-burning fireplace, or wood stove chimney, should be inspected and cleaned by an experienced Raleigh chimney sweep at least once a year. This is especially important if the fireplace/wood stove is regularly used. Creosote is a tar-like substance found in the smoke from burning wood that can build up inside chimney walls, creating fire hazards. Chimney sweeps are usually hired in late summer, as they get busy in the fall.

Clean the dryer vent

A dryer vent professional can clean the gas dryer’s vent to prevent dangerous lint and dust buildup. DIYers will need the vent to be removed from the dryer’s back and cleaned out. How do you clean dryer vents?

Ceiling fans that are reverse and clean

Dust the tops of ceiling fans before using them. Ceiling fan blades should be turned counterclockwise to get maximum summer cooling. Many fans have a switch that allows you to reverse the direction of rotation. Turn off the fan before flipping the switch. Wait for the blades not to turn before you flip the switch.

Re-paint rooms

You have the opportunity to paint your home’s interior now when you can open doors and windows doors to let in the fresh air and ventilate paint fumes. Get bids from three contractors if this is a job that you don’t want to do.

Get rid of clutter and dust the house

You should give your home a thorough cleaning. Clean out the toilets, sinks, and showers. Ensure to clean all appliances, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, floors and give them a good dusting.

■ Window and glass doors should be cleaned. This can be done inside and outside when streaks are easily visible.
■ Deodorize and clean the garbage disposal. Make ice, baking soda, or citrus rinds.
■ Deodorize and clean the dishwasher. Put a bowl of white wine in an empty dishwasher’s top rack and turn on the heat for the full cycle.
■ Reduce clutter to maximize space

Look for a reputable contractor

We’ll help you find trusted local professionals by asking about your summer home maintenance requirements. It’s much easier to climb ladders or take out rotting windows when it’s dry and warm outside. You can also save thousands making minor repairs before the weather turns colder and icy. You can also increase curb appeal and your home’s value by taking care of summer home maintenance. According to Top Backyard trends of 2021, the top home improvements this summer include decking, lighting, and patio repairs.

Home maintenance projects can also pay for themselves. According to the 2018 Remodeling Impact Survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, 267% of a standard lawn care service can be resold for that amount.

Questions to ask

■ Verify that the professional has a license and is bonded and insured.
■ Before you start the work, request a quote.
■ Ask your contractor for information about any safety concerns or other inconveniences that might occur during the construction.
■ You can get reliable referrals from family and friends by posting a request on social media or reviewing online reviews.

The summer home maintenance checklist will help you prioritize the most critical tasks, whether they are DIY projects or those best left to the professionals. These include:

■ Yard tasks
■ Exterior tasks for the home
■ Interior design for the home
■ How to hire a professional
■ Regions that offer summer maintenance
■ How to get great quotes fast

The backyard is the focus of summer.

According to Yelp’s Summer Trends Report, searches for “outdoor deck,” patio heaters, and outdoor lighting jumped by 373%, 263%, and 88%, respectively, since the previous year. (interior designer, HGTV’s Rock the Block star) says that outdoor spaces have become our haven.

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