Roof Anatomy – Vents

Roof Anatomy - Vents

We’ve discussed a lot about attic ventilation. Make sure your roof lasts a lifetime. What is venting? Is it imperative what method you use?

The simple answer is that venting happens by…um…vents, making a difference.

There are many options when it comes to residential roof vents. Most often, you will have to choose between the traditional box vents or the more efficient ridge vent. We’ll mention a few other types, but these are the main conduits for venting your roof.

The most common roof vent is the box vent. These vents are sometimes called a “750” and are the most economical. Box vents should be placed towards the roof because they are meant to provide warm, moist air to your attic. Box vents are cheaper than ridge vents, and however, they won’t do the job as efficiently or as effectively as ridge vents.

On the other hand, the ridge vent is installed from end to end along the entire roof. This provides uniform cooling across the whole roof deck. It is much more efficient than a few box vents. Instead of being one big vent, it runs along the entire roof. It’s covered with ridge caps shingles once it’s been installed so that it’s barely visible from the ground (whereas a box vent can be obvious).

Consider the cost of the venting. This is not the only thing to consider when discussing your options with your Roofing in Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Apex, and Raleigh NC professional. You can save money on heating and cooling costs by having better roof ventilation.

You might also come across other types of vents:

Bathroom fans can be vented using baffle vents. Ventilating bathroom fans from the roof is important as condensation problems can occur when warm, humid, and cold air mix in the attic. This happens because bathrooms have a lot of warm, moist air. Redemption Roofing in Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Apex, and Raleigh NC installs baffle ventilation on the roof but not the tubing in the attic.

The turbine is mounted directly on top of a roof. It uses wind power to pull hot and humid air from the attic. The turbine is made up of several vanes that rotate as the wind blows through them. This is the only venting option that can move, but it can get noisy. You can combine it with other venting options.

The only vent option that requires electricity/power is the power vent. You can combine it with other venting options to maximize attic venting. Redemption Roofing in Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Apex, and Raleigh NC can install power vents, but a qualified electrician must connect them.

You can also drive around looking at the roofs of your neighbors or admire your roof, especially if it is a Redemption one! You can use this information to identify the vents you see and then choose what type to replace them with. You can upgrade your venting if you’re unsure what it is doing or how effective it is. Request a free estimate or give your closest Redemption Roofing contractor in Fuquay Varina, Holly Springs, Apex, and Raleigh NC office a call, and we’ll be there to look.

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