Roof Anatomy – Rooftop Extras

Roof Anatomy - Rooftop Extras

It’s not an easy task to replace a roof. A skilled craftsman professional roofer is required to efficiently and effectively, inspect, repair, and remove a roof from its decking and build it back up to the roofing shingles. Then, finish it off with the right metal. This is something that our Redemption Roofing crews can complete in just a few days! You might be able to DIY it, but you could end up with something sticking out of your roof. You need to find out what it is, why it exists, and how you can keep your roof around it intact.

It’s a good decision to hire Redemption Roofing instead.

Rooftop accessories, as they are called, serve important and different purposes. Even though many look the same (especially from below), This is a quick overview, as seen from the roofer’s eye, of some accessories.

Plumbing Boot: This type of flashing is used to cover plumbing exhaust pipes (the part that sticks out). The roof is where it exists. These are typically available in two forms: painted aluminum boots with a neoprene seal and lead pipe flashings. They cover the pipe’s top edge and then tuck into it. These are the most popular options for residential roofing. There are many options for pipe flashings. Every Redemption Roofing roof re-roof job requires us to replace the plumbing boots.

Furnace stack: A furnace stack is a pipe that exhausts the furnace’s burning fumes from your home. The pipe must be long enough to allow the furnace’s combustion gases to exit from above the roofline and not filter into your house. A roofing crew can’t change the pipe; a certified HVAC professional is recommended.

Electric Riser & Boot: An electrical riser is a length of piping that connects the home’s electric utilities to an electric drop. To weatherproof the opening from moisture and precipitation, the electric boot is a rubber collar.

Chimney Chase Covers: Chimney Chase covers are an exterior top covering for a chimney. This cover prevents water entry to the interior of the chimney structure. A chase cover is typically made from an inexpensive galvanized sheet.

Redemption Roofing crews have the necessary skills to construct a roof. However, these accessories should not be considered a hindrance to the main purpose of the roof: protecting your home from the elements. Redemption roofers Fuquay Varina are skilled in recognizing and installing essential roof accessories. This will protect your roof from potential leaks. You will get a functional and attractive roof that is covered by a 5-year workmanship guarantee. Don’t be alarmed if you accidentally place a furnace cap onto your plumbing pipe. Get a free estimate now!

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