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What is on your roof? You can answer this question with GFA shingles. But do you know how many layers of roofing shingles are needed? Or are there layers that you don’t know about? Redemption Roofing prides itself on being thorough. When you have your roof replaced by Redemption it is the entire roof down to the base. Our skilled crews will remove any existing shingles and all other items up there until it’s all wood. Then, they’ll rebuild it again. Your roof is like a lasagna. The shingles are just the top layer, but there’s plenty of goodness underneath. Let’s look at what’s going on from the bottom!

Roof Decking: Roof decking refers to the layer of wood beneath the roof. It can be made from OSB sheeting (7/16″ is our standard), plywood, or decking boards. We inspect all roof decking before replacing it. If there are any signs of softness, rot, or damage, we replace them. We will work with existing decking if it is structurally sound and in good condition.

Roof felt: The roof felt acts as a barrier to moisture between the roof deck and the shingles. This was once felt. But technology has improved! This layer is now made of lighter and stronger synthetic felt. This layer also gives our crews a bit more traction while they work on your roof.

Water Shield and Ice: Water Shield is a self-sealing membrane that protects vulnerable areas from moisture. It is applied around skylights, chimneys, and valleys and at the roof edge. Did you see our blog post on directing water? Because water flows underneath roof components, ice and water shield are basically what goes under them.

Starter: We’re now going to talk about the things that might be on your roof. The starter is a thin strip of asphalt that is used to cover the edge or eave of your roof. For a cleaner look at the roof’s edge, the starter has a straight edge. Manufacturers of shingles can make specific starters for each brand.

Shingles are The most obvious and easily recognizable! Shingles are the roofing material’s top layer. Shingles can be made of asphalt, which is the most popular, or wood, metal, plastic, and slate. You can find more information about shingle basics in this blog post. Ridge and hip: hip and ridge are special shingles that cover the ridge (very high) and form to the hips of the roof (where sections of the roof meet).

Cap sheet and Base sheet: This is a bonus! Cap sheet and base sheet can be used together on low-pitched roofs like porches and small garages. The base sheet is the roofing material that is applied underneath the cap sheet. It is a rolled roofing material that replaces shingles. TPO or EPDM are better choices for full roof re-roofs on low-pitched roofs. However, the base sheet and cap sheet combination can still be used from time to time.

This is the formula that creates the layers of your roof. Many people don’t know all the components of a roof. Now you’re ready to play Trivia Night with your friends! Redemption Roofing is here to help. We enjoy sharing our knowledge as experts. You can request a free estimate if you would like us to look at any of these layers.

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