What is Re-roofing
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What is Re-roofing

Do you think about a re-roof? Do you need help determining if this is the right decision for your home? Re-roofing is a brilliant idea that can fix an existing roof, and it’s also an affordable and effective option. Re-roofing refers to adding a new layer to a current top. This can help strengthen your roof, prevent leaks from damaging your home and protect your original roof. Re-roofing your home will ensure that it lasts as long as new and looks just as good. This is an excellent option for homeowners as it can be very cost-effective, and some prefer this method over replacing their entire roof.

Re-roofing may only be for some. AMI Builders is a professional roofing contractor in Fuquay Varina and will assess your home to determine if it is suitable for re-roofing. Some states and counties don’t allow homeowners to re-roofing their homes. However, some roofs may be too damaged to repair and need a new roof.

Two roofing layers are allowed on most homes if they don’t already have them. If your home has had its roof replaced, you cannot do it again. You have two options: replace your roof or repair your roof for the damage that can be done.

Many homeowners choose to re-roof their homes. Not only is it cheaper, but it also takes less time and is easier on the wallet. It can be time-consuming to remove shingles from an old roof and replace them with a new one. For some homeowners, this is not something they have. It can be distracting to have home projects going on in your home or elsewhere. This is especially true if you have children or pets or care for elderly or disabled relatives. Getting home from work daily can be challenging to find noise, debris, and tools. Many homeowners are tempted to choose the cheapest and most cost-effective way to repair their roofs.

AMI. has over 35 years of collective roofing experience serving the Fuquay Varina and Holly Springs area. You can trust that your home is in good hands because we are licensed and insured.

If unsure, contact AMI Builders near Raleigh and Fuqua Varina to fix or replace your leaking gutters. We can conduct a thorough inspection to ensure your home is safe from water penetrations or other damage. Call us today (984) 213-4244 for a free inspection!

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