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Turn to Redemption Roofing in Raleigh for Affordable Honest, & Fast Roof Repair Smart home and business owners know that when you have a commercial or residential water leak from your roof in Raleigh, it is time to call Redemption Roofing. We have a company-certified specialist to help you. And we will be here for you when the work is done for any of your future ongoing roofer maintenance needs.

1. Asphalt Shingles Roofs Repair

Intense hailstorms can easily damage these types of roofs. The granules of shingles go missing, shingle cracks, and dented. Even the granule coating on the shingles can wear out by minimizing the life of these shingles. You should call our roofers and get it repaired ASAP before they can cause massive damage to your home.

2. Wood Shingles Roof Repairs

Wood shingles tend to stand firm to hailstorms, but still strong winds can crack the grain, which can make the shingles go loose. Get it fixed to avoid any water leakages.

3. Tile Shingles Roof Repairs

Tiles are the most fragile material and can be easily broken by hailstorms. Make sure you get it fixed before extensive damage occurs.

4. Slate Roofs Repairs

These kinds of roofs can also be cracked by hailstorms and fall. Strong winds can damage them very quickly. Understanding the hail damage and accessing it is an important thing to do. the above guide will help you inspect and investigate the damages more effectively and quickly. With the right knowledge, you can save your home and your family from huge damages.

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Call us for now for help with:

1) Leaks & water damage
2) Damaged or missing shingles
3) Flashing & vent replacements
4) Hail or wind damage
5) Attic insulation
6) Industrial roof coating

We’re Raleigh’s leading source for roofing
maintenance services!

Over time, wear can grow, and a little damage can happen one day, and the roofing of the home ceases to keep the water out. With regular roofing maintenance, you can extend the service life of your roofing and avoid sudden, upsetting leaks.

Our roofing repair services include:

1) Residential Shingle Roof repair
2) Bitumen roofing repair
3) Flat roofing repair
4) Roofing leak repair
5) EPDM roofing repairs

Whether it be a commercial roofing repair, a residential roof restoration, or a consultation for gutter installation, our company has just what you are looking for. Living in the Raleigh area affords an extensive selection and choice of professional roofing companies. Our company Redemption Roofing takes great pride in everything that we do. We strive to provide the greater Raleigh area with the most experienced and quality residential and commercial roofing services possible. Our Mission statement is that we will not only meet, but we will exceed your expectations, as we only work exclusively with industry-trained construction experts in NC. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated, just like friends and family.

Reliable & Professional  Expert Roofers for Help with Storm Damages

In Raleigh, we are no stranger to intense storms that bring hail and high winds storm damages that destroy roofs. Did you know that a vast known cause of residential roofing damages in North Carolina is hail? Hail the size of large pellets that can strike your home’s roof with power caused by the tropical thunderstorms in Raleigh, damaging interior sheetrock, mold, and moisture infiltration. If your NC properties have experienced roofing storm damages, call Redemption Roofing to assess your roofing system and offer a clear path forward. We can also assist with insurance claims.

For most homeowners, the first time they must telephone a residential roofer out to the house is stressful, particularly if they have. If they have never contacted a roofer, it can be overwhelming to find one they feel comfortable with. Sound familiar? Read on for a few questions to ask a roofer to determine whether they are the perfect choice for your job if you are in precisely the same situation. Whether you want roof leak repair on your Raleigh home, a roof, or a roof inspection, it’s essential to hire a roofing contractor that you are familiar with. These questions can allow you to find that contractor.

Questions to Ask When Looking for a Roofing Contractor

#1. Are you local?

Yes, there are benefits of working with a neighborhood roofer. Roofing contractors are knowledgeable about local neighborhoods and may even have done work in your area. They know the codes and restrictions imposed by every city and county in the region, and they understand whether there is a permit needed. Another advantage of working with Redemption roofing contractors is they will supply references for their jobs. Ask if there’s a customer of theirs you could call to discuss the job they did for them. It is always better to become information.

Are you currently insured and licensed?

Yes, most states, including North Carolina, require residential roofers to be licensed to perform work. However, licensing requirements and rules vary from state to state, so inquire with our roofers about this. Before you talk with the roofing contractor, you can Google the criteria. Dealing with a roofer will ensure that you have got legal recourse if something goes wrong. Ask about insurance. Do they have worker’s liability insurance? While it is unlikely that anybody will get hurt at work, you need to know they’re coated for this possibility. What about liability insurance?

#3. Will there be somebody to answer my questions?

Many homeowners get nervous when they have work. Roof construction is a significant investment, so it makes sense that you would need someone to answer any questions you have as the roofing replacement progresses. Whether you’re using a roof leak or having a new roof installed, it is comforting to know there’s someone you can ask questions about during the project.

Can you offer a guarantee on your job?

Yes, this is another excellent question to ask a roofer. Most times, they will respond with information about the warranty included on the roofing materials they are using. But ask them if they offer security for you. Imagine if they fix a flow, and then it starts leaking? How do they handle that? Many roofers do offer guarantees of some sort on their job, and their reply to this question will help you determine whether they are the right contractor.

Redemption Roofing Wants to Be Your Local Roofer in Raleigh

Here at Redemption, we are happy to answer all these questions and more. We would like you to feel extremely happy and comfortable with us working on your roof, whether we are doing a residential roof repair or installing a new roof. Our purpose is to earn your confidence and trust and make the process as stress-free for you as we can.

Enhance your curb appeal with Redemption Roofing’s repairs!

This roofing service is the best solution for roofing that is heavily stained in Raleigh homes and businesses in North Carolina because it restores your residential roofing looks and feels and protects you with a safeguard against future algae infestation. It is the only roofing service that flows and blends the roof’s aesthetics looks without damaging your landscaping or property near Raleigh, all while being an excellent service that’s affordable by spraying the roofing at the slight pressure.

Your home or business’s roofing will be repaired in three easy steps:

1) Step 1 — The solution adheres to the roofing for long-term protection.
2) Step 2 — The roofing is serviced so that all existing algae, stains, and debris, and are removed.
3) Step 3 — This stage defends against future algae infestation.



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