Should you layer Shingles on Your Roof

Should You Layer Shingles on Your Roof?

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Like many common Raleigh home improvement questions, The answer is yes, you can lay new Apex Raleigh roof shingles in North Carolina over old ones. You can’t do it with slate, or wood for example, and you should never mix materials, multiple layers of shingles do not necessarily make a roof more waterproof already two layers of roofing shingles on your homes roof nearby- Most NC building codes near Raleigh NC only let layers of roofing on your home. So, if there are already two layers, Contact us if your Current shingles are curling or in bad shape. Fuquay Varina Reroofing over an existing shingle roof: Some need-to-know. By adding another quality layer of shingles on your roof, you are actually adding one more protective layer to your roof.

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The new shingle roof should lay flat on your old one, but you need to decide if layering North Carolina roofing shingles is the best course of action for your home and to layer second roof shingles right over the first and then tear everything off before you put the 3 rd layer down. Building codes in Fuquay Varina and most North Carolina Wake County NC municipalities will usually allow you to overlay a second (though never a third) layer of asphalt shingles over an existing residential shingled roof. We advise checking with your building inspection department to be sure. Roof Replacement as Low As $99 Per Month*.

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Common Problems with Layering Shingles Pros and Cons of Adding a Second Layer of Shingles

Layering shingles in Raleigh has a few drawbacks that you should consider before you decide to lay new shingles over the old ones.

1) If there’s any curling of the old Holly Springs shingles, Apex shingles will not lay flat.

2) Moisture gets trapped heavy layers cause premature rotting of the wood.

3) adds excess weight to the roof framing, which can cause the decking and cause a ripple effect in the roof joists to bow roof.

4) The overlay will not work well at all with dimensional shingles, only three tabs.

5) If you do an overlay, you have to cut off the first-course tab, which will give you a “bump” up to 6″ up the roof around the shingle roof.

6) You must pull off both layers before your roof times the x for a shing double tear-off shingles in Clayton, are more than doing it two separate times.

7) Tear-off shingle in Garner home allows you to examine the Fuquay Varina decking for any rot NC make repairs now before it gets worse (and more costly).

8) If you remove the old shingles, you will end up with a nice fresh layer of felt on the roof deck.

Re-Shingle Roof as Part of a Larger Plan

Despite these drawbacks, layering shingles can still be the best plan for your roof. One of the situations where this option can make the most sense is for a temporary fix as part of a long-term plan. It sounds like an unwarranted expense, but simply layering shingles can make for a reasonably priced project. You can then invest your money and invest in a high-performance, energy-efficient roof in ten years last for the rest of your life.

1. Fuquay-Varina is a town in southern Raleigh Wake County, North Carolina, United States, lying south of Holly Springs and southwest of Garner, and north of the Harnett County town of Angier west of the unincorporated community of Willow Spring, Zebulon. Holly Springs. Apex Remove the Fuquay Varina ridge caps. Doing it now will make it easier to keep the reroofing job clean.

2. Remove air vents Fuquay Varina pipe flashings by prying out or unscrewing the fasteners holding the fixture.

3. If a shingle is torn or cracked, glue the broken piece back in place using roofing cement.

Is the Second Layer of Fuquay Varina Shingles the Answer to Your Leaking

Done correctly, a reroof job will look as good and last as long as a “new” roof, for a … allow two layers of organic or fiberglass asphalt shingles on roofs with a 4/12 … the old roof cushions the new one and serves as a secondary barrier should in Cary. Carrboro. Pittsboro, Hillsborough, Cary, Morrisville, Garner, Clayton, Wake Forest, Apex, Holly Springs, Fuquay-Varina, Knightdale, Wendell, Zebulon, and Rolesville are some of Raleigh’s primary nearby suburbs and satellite towns.

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1) Metal roofs are water-tight, fireproof, energy-efficient roofs that will last 30-50 years.

2) Tile roofs in Wake Forest resist hurricanes, are natural insulators and can last 50 years or more.

3) Rubber roofs are weatherproof, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and easily fixed. Some Jobs Are Better Left to the Fuquay Varina Pros. Get Free, No-Commitment, Estimates From Licensed Roofers Near You. Ready to start your new roof? Roof Replacements Are Significant Investments, Choosing A Quality Contractor Is Essential! Redemption Roofing Technologies Offer Fully Insured Roofing Inspection & Repair Services In NC! Locally Owned & Operated. Fully Insured. Unmatched Service. Fast Response.

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