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Cellulose Insulation for Apex, Cary, Raleigh, Durham NCAmong the oldest and greenest kinds of insulation, cellulose insulation has enjoyed a considerable comeback over fiberglass and polyurethane in the wake of the present-day focus on green living. Not only does it insulate your house which could dramatically decrease energy consumption nonetheless, but it can also be produced from recycled paper fiber. Cellulose insulation has the extra advantage of being a fully low-cost choice for North Carolina homeowners who wish to renovate their walls and attics without breaking the bank.

Cellulose may be tricky to set up properly, which explains why you need to have it professionally installed. A professional installer from AMI Builders NC knows how to utilize blown cellulose insulation to difficult surfaces, like slopes, and is experienced in the most effective methods for filling wall cavities to cut back settling that could cause gaps within your house insulation.

While being the area’s green remodeling specialists, we offer North Carolina residents a wide selection of insulation solutions including:

1) Contact AMI Builders NC 919-812-7282 Dry cellulose
2) Spray cellulose
3) Fiberglass batts
4) Polyurethane spray foam
5) Reflective foil
6) And more

Whether you decide on loose-fill or wet-spray cellulose installation, you are able to be assured that individuals have the knowledge and know-how to get the absolute most from your home insulation. With more than 25 years with experience in home remodeling, we’re North Carolina’s trusted selection for the roof, basement, replacement windows, attic insulation, and remodeling needs of all kinds.

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In buildings like multi-story and public buildings, fire barriers are designed to offer the maximum degree of protection. Systems like sprays, fire boards, or intumescent products stop the spread of fires. These products protect the building structures such as elevator shafts against high temperatures or partitioning walls and ceilings, cable and air ducts, structural components in concrete and steel.

Throughout a home or building or remodeling, an effective and affordable means to improve the soundproofing performance of walls and ceilings is to place control systems that are sound set up that might include blanket, batt, or foam insulation between joists or studs.


Increasing the fire endurance of ceilings, walls, and other building components slows down the temperature increase of the building materials and enables time for evacuation of the building when allowing firefighters to control the fire. Fire-resistant insulation can restrict exposure when blended with vapor barriers. Lower noise travel is provided by barrier insulation and improves privacy. It is crucial to plan to make sure barriers are included in your insulation program.

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We can create your home or business comfortable and energy-efficient. AIR, VAPOR, AND MOISTURE BARRIERS | Insulation Services > Air, Vapor And Moisture Barriers


There is quite a lot of confusion regarding Vapor and Air barriers. Air barrier materials are utilized anywhere in a construction assembly to stop the movement of air into or from the conditioned area. Vapor obstacle materials used to impede or reduce the movement of water vapor through a material. Moisture barriers (such as Tyvek, for example) are all installed on the exterior of the building or home, directly on top of the sheathing, and under the siding. Barriers help stop water from getting into the wall cavity.

You need to comprehend the functions which the materials can provide and then ascertain whether provides more than one function. Spray Foam Insulation can be moisture, vapor, and air barrier. On the other hand, the insulating material is great as an air barrier; however, needs to be paired with a vapor barrier or the right moisture to maximize functionality.

Air, moisture, and vapor barriers must work together to increase functionality. A full insulation plan must be developed to avoid issues and optimize your investment.


The main advantage of an Air Barrier would be to keep the atmosphere in it is a desirable location. During the summer it keeps out air and warm air in. Air Barriers may also be used to keep smoke gas, and other undesirable air quality problems out of your residence or business.

Vapor barriers keep moisture from the walls of business and your house. Moisture from the atmosphere in the kind of vapor is transferred along with heat. This is common in humid surroundings and areas inside buildings or homes such as kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry facilities. Mildew and mold growth can lead to when moisture vapor becomes trapped.

Moisture barriers (like Tyvek, by way of instance ) are installed on the outside of a house or building, right on top of the sheathing, and beneath the siding. Moisture barriers help stop the water. You need to comprehend the separate functions which the substances may provide and ascertain whether it provides more than one function.


What are the most common leaks discovered?

Air leaks occur in the seams between various substances. For example, in which the framing and the base meet or where floors and walls meet.

Although openings around doors and windows — the regions of concern occasionally contribute to air leakage problems, the air leaks are usually in concealed locations. A few examples include:

1) Around recessed can lights
2) Plumbing Vents
3) Between finished floors and baseboards
4) Around electric outlets
5) Around windows and doors

Do I need Air, Vapor Moisture Barriers?

Buildings in this area and homes typically utilize materials that do act as air, moisture, and vapor barriers. Depending on the circumstance, it may be significant to put in vapor and air barriers on walls also.

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