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Services include: Residential Roofing. Shingle Roofing. Tile Roofing. Composition Roofing. Synthetic Roofing. Composite Roofing. Gutters and Downspouts. Roof Repair. Roof Maintenance. Commercial Roofing.


For years, Chris the owner was tired of seeing roofing companies, insurance agencies, and other industry leaders operate like the Wild West and decided to try something new. Chris, the owner, combined decades of experience in customer service and business management, and high-end construction to create a new standard with Redemption Roofing in 1973.

How to Choose the very best Fuquay Varina/ Holly Springs Area Roofing Contractor

Your roof is an important part of your Fuquay Varina home. You need to make sure it gets the right kind of care. Redemption Roofing & Restoration is home to the best roofing contractors in the area. You might be wondering, “How can I tell if YOU are the right contractor for me?” You can find out what characteristics to look for when choosing a roofing contractor.

Your Dilemma

There is work to be done to your property. It could be a minor repair or a major overhaul. There are dozens of contractors at your door and your insurance doesn’t cover all your needs.

Our Solution

We are experts in the restoration and construction industry, we want you to be able to ensure that the right people are doing the right work for you. Here are some questions to ask contractors you interview for the opportunity to work on your most important physical asset.

YOUR HOME IS YOUR SAFE HAVEN | Reinforce it with a roof that lasts.

Skilled Our team of professional roofers in Fuquay Varina and Holly Springs NC, are equipped with all the right construction tools, including the knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time.

Committed Redemption Roofing and Restoration is known for Building long-term relationships through straightforward honest communication from start to finish and provide you with long-lasting home protection for peace of mind.

Timely Our roofers understand that Time is an asset. At Redemption Roofing and Restoration, we adjust to your schedule and our Fuquay Varina/ Holly Springs roofers will work fast and efficiently to let you get back to normal in no time.

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While property owners in Holly Springs or Fuquay Varina North Carolina may be grateful for their insurance coverage in the event of a storm, dealing with claims, it can sometimes prove to be more complicated than the actual repair. You don’t have to. Redemption’s Roofing and Construction will first refer you to a competent, licensed third-party independent public insurer to meet with the insurance company’s representative to assess the extent and property damages. This will ensure that you get all the necessary home repairs upfront. Redemption Roofers will provide a complete scope of work that is code-compliant if you have already filed an insurance claim. We do our best work to support your insurance company and not against them. Insurance adjusters often find cheaper repairs when they can reuse old windows and roofing components.

This can lead to roof systems becoming compromised within one year and windows fogging up within two years. Our professional roofers nearby Fuquay Varina identify all repairs and replacement parts required for your structure. To inspect the exact dimensions of your roof, we also obtain third-party aerial measurements. This saves both time and money for insurance companies.

Our local Fuquay Varina/ Holly Springs roofers in Wake County will work hard to ensure that you have stress-free, high-quality roofing and construction in times of crisis. Redemption Roofing is not an insurance adjuster and does not make insurance claims for our clients. However, if you need to be referred to a licensed public adjuster, Redemption’s Roofers will help asset you.


Roofing shingles have evolved into works of art within the last 30 years. Wake County Homeowners, as well as Fuquay Varina shingle roofers like Redemption Roofing and Restoration roofing, now have a vast selection from which to choose. Some of the most elegant homes here in Fuquay Varina have their roofs installed/replaced with GFA roofing shingles of various colors and styles ranging from shingle, tile, metal, asphalt to steel shingles.

When most people say “roof shingles” we instantaneously have a picture of the rectangular black, grey, or brown asphalt shingle in mind. Architectural roof shingles, on the other hand, are premium shingles that we call “dimensional” or laminated shingles which also come in several various colors. These are 3-tab roofing shingle is standard shingles, and they come in a variety of colors.


If you think your roof in Holly Springs/ Fuquay Varina will need to be replaced soon YOUR PROBABLY RIGHT. For a free consultation and expert opinion, contact us. While you may be able to wait for the roofer work to be completed, if your roof weatherproofing is already compromised, delaying the work will only increase the damage to your home.

Residential Roof Repair Holly Springs NC

It is possible Sometimes to repair a house’s roof rather than replace the entire roof. It doesn’t matter if the problem is minor or major, you should get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. Fuquay Varina roof Repair costs can increase exponentially if you wait. All types of roofing materials are handled by us, including shingle, metal, wood shake, and slate as well as tile and asphalt shingle.

Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is a popular service that many property owners appreciate. It is important to monitor any damage to your home’s roof due to weather, debris, and animals. property damages to your roof can be fixed quickly before they become costly and major!

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