A big task with little hands – Kids Prep Roofing Checklist

A big task with little hands - Kids Prep Roofing Checklist

Although it’s hard to believe that summer is over, it’s already here. It’s getting darker a little earlier, and everyone’s gardens are full of zucchini. The kids are already back at school, whether they live nearby or in person. Redemption Roofing still has a few months before we put down our roofing felt for winter. We’ll also be busy taking care of neighbors’ roofs until the first frost. We’re still busy scheduling roofs and there are some things you can do to make it easier for you. It’s something that the entire family can participate in.

No matter if your children are at school full-time or just home for the day, your children can still help with simple tasks between classes or lunch to get your home ready to go for your roofing project.

Mow the lawn. Older children can operate the lawnmower. Younger children can also help by picking up lawn toys and other outdoor games. A clean, neat yard can make keeping the roof debris out of the grass and game sets easier.

Take out any valuable items that are on your interior walls or in your yard. You can also have your children help take down favorite wall hangings or garden gnomes. While we take every precaution to protect your property during the roofing and shingle drop-off process, it is possible for some minor accidents. As a precaution, make sure valuable items are not on the walls or in your yard.

Signs can be used to identify power outlets in your yard. We appreciate your help in finding the right place to plug our equipment in. We ask that you notify us in advance if there is no power available. However, if we have access to your home exterior, we would love to see your children’s work to help us find it!

It can be fun to involve everyone in replacing the roof, Fuquay Varina/Holly Springs NC as it protects everyone’s house and property. You still have time to request a quote to get the ball rolling with a new roof on your house.

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Forbids on your project, contact 984-213-4244 a local roofing company. This will allow you to get to know your local roofers and their pricing points.