3 Good Attic Ventilation Tips for Your Home

Why Ventilation is a Big Deal

If your house, needs a re-roof it might be time to inspect your house’s attic ventilation is functioning correctly. In the Raleigh NC winters, humid air is transferred through the house’s exhaust vent preventing water damage condensation in the home’s attic that could otherwise damage lead and wood to mold & mildew and Proper ventilation will ensure that your roofing system will attain its maximum life cycle.

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North Carolina Metal Roofs: Attic Ventilation

All the moisture that’s naturally generated inside our houses by laundry, cooking, bathing houseplants, through open windows and doors in North Carolina toward the drier outdoors, and other ways are trapped inside our homes. Unless your home features an excellent vapor barrier behind the ceilings and walls, which moisture subsequently winds up in the attic, when it isn’t correctly vented out of the loft, it condenses on cold surfaces inside your attic such as the bottom of the roof when nighttime temperatures fall. Condensation in a loft will eventually lead to mold and even rot — not extraordinary things!

Why does a Raleigh, Apex NC roof need ventilation installed? Raleigh Roof vents are VITAL they extend the life expectancy of your residential roof, lower energy costs, Save Money, and help reduce indoor temperature extremes. They also prevent damage to your shingles and prevent them from cracking.

It helps and Prevents high home energy cost

Another chief reason behind adequate attic ventilation is. After that warmth enters your loft, if it is not directed back outside by generous venting, it ends up raising your home’s cooling costs. Want more solar from the roof? Our metal roofing products are ideal for installing solar panels now or in the future. Learn more about how our durable roofing products easily accommodate your future energy needs.

Helps and Prevents ice dams

Finally, having excellent attic ventilation helps avoid ice dams on your roof for people in northern climates. Heat leaks cause those damaging dams from the living space to the loft, melts the snow. That melted snow on the re-roof runs down the roof until it hits the cold overhangs where it re-freezes, forming an ice dam. Adequate ventilation in a loft will direct that warm atmosphere to your roof’s summit and then outside. Learn more about ice dams.

How Great Ventilation Works

The vent spaces should be balanced 50-50 between exhaust and intake vents. If anything, you want to have marginally more intake than exhaust vents. Having more exhaust vents than intake vents may cause the exhaust vents to behave as combustion vents, drawing weather from the roof. Proper attic ventilation requires intake vents for fresh air and exhaust vents. Ventilation takes advantage of convective airflow (warm air rises) to keep bathing your loft with a new perspective, pushing the friendly, moist atmosphere.

Find the Right Roofing Contractor

Many individuals, including contractors, mistakenly feel that the heat-reflective finishes on today’s metal roofs reduce attic ventilation demand. That is not correct. Ventilation should nevertheless be performed per code. Inadequate or decreased venting, unless the home was specially constructed not to require ventilation, will result in higher energy costs, ice dams, and a massive threat of attic mold and condensation. Whatever sort of roof your home has, ventilation is essential.

The following step is to enjoy your new Wake County North Carolina roof

Seeing the progress and receiving daily updates from a professional and high-quality roofing contractor will affirm the reassurance you were seeking with a new roof. Choosing the proper builder can make an enjoyable experience for you from start to finish.


Your home’s roofing installation is the first line of protection against the weather. With an old, worn-down roof, each storm may bring worries of water damage. However, a properly installed quality metallic roof will safeguard your house, your loved ones, and your belongings — Mother Nature dishes out. Regardless of what, A re-roof with resistance to wind, fire, ice, snow, and sometimes even mildew protects you and your home investment.

We Can Help

If your roof needs to be replaced, Remember, metal roofing in Raleigh, Fuquay-Varina, or Cary, NC, & Durham can still be installed in cold weather. We at AMI BUILDERS Metal Roofing Systems are all available to help you figure out your roof and ventilation needs and assist you in finding the right, experienced metal roofing contractor in your area. Give us a call 24 /7 anytime; we will be delighted to lead you to a successful resolution.

Unfortunately, many builders do not understand the basics and neglect to speak to homeowners about it when it comes to ventilation. If you are talking to some roofing contractor and aren’t touching on the subject of ventilation, now is the time to find a different contractor!

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